Moving toward a more Integrated Platform

At the core of the MovAiD project, the Integration Platform now combines advanced technologies and coordinates actors and devices to create the most customised movement assistive devices. It now links biometrics devices, product customization and sensor data.

‘It helps us to effectively manage all the data so we can also provide intelligent product-life-cycle support,’ explains Research Engineer Giuseppe Landolfi from the Department of Technology Innovation at Istituto Sistemi e Tecnologie per la Produzione Sostenibile, University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland.

Now, this more innovative version of the platform can better manage data received from biometric devices while orchestrating production machines, design tools and assembler services. The smartphone application also connects the platform with sensors and provides user-awareness creation services. At the same time, a pressure sensors is being developed.

A foot-worn sensor with wearable sensor system including inertial, barometric pressure and interface embedded algorithms can detect temporal gait phases while walking. In the next period, the team hope to take it one step further.

The sensor system will be further improved to communicate with the smartphone application. This can for example display activity monitoring parameters of the clinician or end user. It can further be used to inform the customer about wrong postures or movements and, if necessary, schedule visits.’ adds Landolfi.