MovAiD First Symposium

The first MovAiD Symposium took place on the occasion of the ISPO World Congress in Cape Town, South Africa on 9 May 2017.

The Symposium attracted a good number of delegates from European and  non-European countries with interest in assistive technology products for  people with disabilities.

The MovaiD Symposium titled Future of orthotics service provision?  provided an overview of the current status of research for the design of the Movement Assisting Devices (MADs) and showcased achievements in the key research area including:

  • Additive Manufacturing – Processing of Local & Industrial Machines with novel Materials
  • Advanced Design of morphologic parts and kinematics
  • Data Generation, Elaboration and Aggregation of biometric data in diagnosis and monitoring

The session also highlighted how technological advances could be translated into a more efficient and effective orthotics service provision and personalised orthotics for disabled children, the elderly, and workers.

MovAiD would like to thank the ISPO Congress for hosting and assisting with organizing the Symposium. We wish to thank the invited speakers, Prof. Saeed Zahedi (Blatchford) and Prof. Edward Lemaire (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, University of Ottawa) who ensured the success of the Symposium with their presentations and fruitful discussions.

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ISPO International is responsible for the communication and dissemination of the MovAiD Project. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020.